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find an assessors office

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This is a great website for real estate agents and agencies, mortgage companies and other commmercial and private lenders, law offices and other legal services, relocation services, home buyers, appraisers, property management companies, and other related industries to have access real estate assessment and appraisal information in one convenient place. This site also contains one unique feature that the other sites do not have: county assessors office lookup by city name and zipcode. If you need additional assistance, or have problems with the site please do not hesitate to contact the Webmaster, and thank you for visiting Assessors Office . Net

This site is easy to use and is intended to help locate appraisal districts across the nation. The idea is that you drill down through the pages until you reach your county, city, or you can just enter a zip code.


First select your state. If we do not have your state listed, then check back periodicaly as we will soon cover all 50 states.


Next you will select your county and you will find contact information for that county assessors office. Many counties have online property seach databases to allow you to find assessment information yourself. For example if you lived in San Antonio, Texas you would find a link on this website to the Bexar County Appraisal District website at and discover that you can type in your address and see your real estate lot, its taxing athorities, dimensions, real estate assessment value, owner information, and information about surrounding properties as well.


If you dont know the name of the county that you are looking for then you can look up that county's assessors office by city name. There are currently 33696 cities in this directory to help you find the right county. If the city you are looking for is not listed here please notify the DataManagement@Assessorsoffice.Net

Zip Codes

Find counties by zipcode. This lookup finds for you the state and county that the zipcode lies in, for those that lie in multiple counties each county is shown as well.